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Epson Meeting The Highest Market Demands

Roland DG Australia Announces Launch of New Roland Profile Centre

Roland DG Australia has announced the launch of its new Roland Profile Centre. A one-stop free portal for end users that provide media profiles for the different Roland printers. Now this is an easier access portal for downloading a wide range of profiles for the major media manufacturers.  . “The Roland Profile Centre is a great […] ... Read More

Epson SureColor P800: Experience True Black

Launched in 2015, the Epson SureColor P800 is an A2 17-inch printer, replacing the older Stylus Pro 3880. The printer brings Epson’s latest UltraChrome HD ink set to a 17” A2 printer. This photography and fine arts printer is designed to give denser color and deeper blacks. Using 9 inks and weighs 19.5 kg, with […] ... Read More

Epson Photography & Fine Art P-series Printers: What You Need to Know

Epson’s P-series large format have been setting the standard printers for photography and fine art markets for long, providing the ideal solutions for the different market demands with a wide range of high quality wide format printers. ... Read More

Extend your Epson’s On-site CoverPlus & Save up to $4800 with DES

Epson T5200D Special Prices: Fast & Flexible CAD & POS Printing

ColorPainter to Impress Large Format Market at Drupa 2016

EFI H1625SD: A New Era of Direct Print Thermoforming

DES is happy to announce the availability of the new EFI H1625-SD for inkjet printing and proofing. With EFI’s latest H1625-SD, you can produce thermoforming applications quickly and efficiently with EFI SuperDraw UV Inks. Your business has a very good opportunity since this segment of the market is relatively new to digital printing. We estimate […] ... Read More

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Digital Dye-Sublimation in a Nutshell

Which Ink Works Best For My Wide Format Business?

ColorPainter M64S: Wide Format Printing Gets Much Faster & Cheaper

Epson SC-S80600: High Quality Printing at Very Economical Price

This is How and Why to Use PhotoTex Wall Coverings

ColorPainter H3-104S Wide Format Printer Joins 3M MCS Warranty

The Visual Impact Show Highlights from DES

  The Visual Impact show in Brisbane on 14 – 16 April was well attended with participant numbers increased by around 30%. Those attending were from a broad cross section of markets with an interest in digital printing and sign production. On display were ranges of UV, eco solvent printers, dye sublimation and direct to […] ... Read More

DES Launches a New Website for Demo & Used Wide Format Printers

Expand Your Market with a UV Flatbed Printer

Digital VS Conventional Dye Sublimation

Prior to the digital printing era, the reproduction of colourful images on common everyday items such as clothes required a fairly labour-intensive analogue process, but with the new digital dye sublimation technology, you can see the benefits of this shift. Why should I shift to digital dye sublimation? Save Time  The whole process can take […] ... Read More

Make More Profit with Epson Dye Sublimation Printers

The latest Epson SureColor F-series wide format dye sublimation printers provide quality, reliability and speed, they feature a robust print mechanism, high-performance print head technology and advanced ink technology, which make these Epson dye sublimation printers ideal for high fashion, fast fashion and performance apparel printing. The new Epson SureColor dye sublimation F-series were introduced in […] ... Read More

My Prints Don’t Match My Monitor. Rings any Bells?

Color management is an extremely complex science, involving the process of controlling colour reproduction as it moves from the input to output ends, through a 2-step process: calibration and profiling; to allow all these devices to speak the same language so you can get accurate and predictable results. Calibration VS Profiling Calibration is using hardware […] ... Read More

Epson New Signage Range Printer: Faster, Simpler & More Economic

DES Offers Up to $3500 Cashback for Selected ColorPainter Printers

DES is launching a trade-up promotion for the Seiko ColorPainter M-64S and Seiko ColorPainter W-64S wide format eco-solvent printers. You can trade-up to the new ColorPainter M-64S and claim $3500 cashback or to the ColorPainter W-64S and claim $2000 cashback. ... Read More

Does My Business Require Wide Format Printing?

Wide Format Printing, Redefined.

When it comes to wide format printing, you need a company that looks after you and your business, a company that brings you today’s digital technology and supplies al your wide format prints needs. ... Read More

Enjoy an Extended 3-Year Warranty on ColorPainter Printers through DES

DES has proudly announced the availability of extended warranties to a full 3 years by the manufacturer OKI Data Infotech. The ColorPainter wide format solvent inkjet printers’ series are changing the wide format industry even since their release in 2015. ... Read More

Introducing the Fastest Epson P20070 Printer

Designed for professional and commercial applications to replace the old Epson 11800, this superfast printer by Epson will change the way you look at printers from now, being 400% faster than the 11880 & 12% faster than the nearest competitor in the market, allowing up to 800 nozzles per colour, with a dedicated Photo and Matt black line, so you don’t have to worry about changing black over anymore. ... Read More

Inkjet VS Laser: The Common Misconceptions

Save Up to $5050 with Epson T-Series Exclusive Offer

Launch of Roland Rental Platinum

Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and 3D devices, is pleased to announce the launch of Roland Rental Platinum, a premium package of Roland hardware, genuine Roland inks, extended warranty, servicing and training, all wrapped up in one simple monthly payment. Enjoy the use of Roland equipment without the associated […] ... Read More

Epson SureColor P5070 Comes to Australia!

When Epson launched the HDR ink set and Stylus Pro 4900 back in 2010, it set a new benchmark in terms of colour, resolution and print quality. With unmatched performance, the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 was been in the market for 7 years, now in 2017 Epson is set to raise the bar even further […] ... Read More

Wallpaper Installation in 8 Steps: Case Study

One of the great advantages of Neschen’s range of nonwoven wallpaper is its ease of application. This is in addition to other advantages, including the 100% PVC free material that provides photorealistic print quality. Beinb from Germany‘s #1 producer of printable wallpaper materials. It also offers good scratch resistance and is easy to remove. It […] ... Read More

Case Study: The Benefits of Local Support

  The printing industry highlights the razor-sharp focus on efficiency that Australian business have developed better than any other. Prior to the GFC, printers would typically specialise in a singular type of printing; for example, one would be a specialist in offset printing, and customers looking for signage would be sent on to a different […] ... Read More

How to pick a laminator

We often hear the same question: “If laminators are in fact just two rollers and a motor, why are some of them more expensive than others?” The answer is quite simple: They are just like cars. All of them have four wheels and a motor, but the price difference can be huge. Everybody recognizes the […] ... Read More

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