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How to Produce 100-Year Prints?

Quality print makers are always looking to achieve the optimal qualities that they should offer to their customers, real prints that show real color, and one of the most important things is to offer prints that will last. In order to achieve this durability, you should be serious about your art, and willing to go […] ... Read More

How to Avoid Canvas Sagging?

10 Tips to Enhance Your Print Durability

How much RAM do I need for image editing?

We all need to optimize our hardware for productive image editing in order to work as efficiently as possible, using the very best tools at the very lowest cost and in the least possible time. Those who have ever used Windows XP on a machine from the late 1990s or early 2000s can relate to […] ... Read More


Artists, photographers, marketers and many others spend endless hours working on their laptops, and some of them don’t really know how they can  be harming their back which might cause common posture and desk-related injuries. Changing your position is also good for your eyes, which need to be refocused at different distances. Adjust the desk […] ... Read More

Mounting a Print onto Wooden Panel – Professional Method (For pigment-based inkjet prints)

Wet-mounting makes it easy to create a flat, crisp finished work – your print will be mounted directly onto the wood panel. *Dye-based ink bleeds when wet, so is not suitable for this method. Print the image to fit the size of the panel (including the sides which it will be wrapped around). If you […] ... Read More

5 Reasons why your next monitor should be a ColorEdge

Although a hard pill to swallow, you must admit, not all monitors are created equal. Most are built with basic specs that rarely make a difference in your work. They compete on price because that’s all they have going for them. A select few, however, are built with pride, to elevate your experience. You deserve […] ... Read More

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