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Neschen: New Decorative Film for Indoor & Outdoor Applications

NESCHEN recently introduced a new decorative film solvoprint® glass deco onto the market, which will be feature more efficient glass finishing by dry application. This allows for the new film to be used in further applications for a decorative look in glazed offices or meeting rooms and provides a relaxed atmosphere at rest areas at […] ... Read More

Wallpaper Installation in 8 Steps: Case Study

One of the great advantages of Neschen’s range of nonwoven wallpaper is its ease of application. This is in addition to other advantages, including the 100% PVC free material that provides photorealistic print quality. Beinb from Germany‘s #1 producer of printable wallpaper materials. It also offers good scratch resistance and is easy to remove. It […] ... Read More


  Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is a peak not-for-profit organisation representing an almost $17 billion injection into Australia’s economy. Group Marketing Manager Andrew Howie and his team of nine marketing professionals are responsible for promoting domestic consumption of Lamb, Beef, Veal and Goat, creatively extolling the nutritional benefits, quality and sheer deliciousness of one […] ... Read More

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