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How to Produce a Great Photography Portfolio

In the era of digital photography, Ken Duncan, iconic Australian photographer, talks about the need to have a printed portfolio, rather than showing the great art on the digital devices. Ken Duncan gives great tips out of his long experience in the landscape photography, how to produce a real printed portfolio that shows the great […] ... Read More

Hahnemuhle Varnish: Step by Step Guide

Hahnemuhle: What’s Special about This Paper?

Hahnemuhle Gets another Award at the Photography Show

Ken Duncan Speaks to DES About the REAL Photo Awards

Studied at the ‘’University of Life’’, Ken Duncan has been well known as the pioneer of Limited Edition Photographic Art in Australia for more than 40 years. Ken started with a dream to have photography widely accepted as an art form in this country. The increasing number of Australian photographers now emulating his panoramic style […] ... Read More

A New Printing Level with Hahnemuhle Certification Program

Achieving the perfect prints is not solely an art; there is a science behind it that ensures the images are flawlessly printed onto paper. Hahnemuhle gives you the chance to print like a professional, through the Hahnemuhle Certified Studio program which is created globally to support professional print providers to achieve and maintain excellence in art […] ... Read More

Celebrate Hahnemühle’s ‘Brand of the Century’ Award with Special Discounts from DES

We are delighted to celebrate Hahnemühle has been granted the prestigious award ‘Brand of the Century’ by the ‘Markenpreis der Deutschen Standards’ (Brand Award of the German Standards). This award confirms that Hahnemühle has set an exceptional standard with the quality of the papers it provides of paper, for both traditional and digital markets for […] ... Read More

Hahnemühle awarded ‘Brand of the Century’

Hahnemühle have just been awarded ‘Brand of the Century’ by ‘Markenpreis der Deutschen Standards’ (Brand Award of German Standards). Every three years Dr Florian Langenscheidt determines the strongest out of 250 nominated German brands in differing product segments. Hahnemühle were awarded ‘Brand of the Century in the product category ‘Feinstpapier’ (finest paper). Hahnemühle’s Marketing and Communications Director Ann Kristin Plüss […] ... Read More

Hahnemuhle High Quality Archival Fine Art Paper Reviewed

Hahnemuhle is a German papermaking company that has been in the industry since 1584, manufacturing papers for traditional and digital artists since the 16th century. Being a customer-oriented paper manufacturer, Hahnemuhle guarantees its range of products, including canvas fine art, glossy, matt smooth and matt textured papers as well as the varnishes and protective coatings. We […] ... Read More

Ken Duncan’s Road Show at Costco North Lakes, QLD

16 to 27 October 2019 17-39 Cook Court, North Lakes QLD 4509 Ken Duncan is heading to Queensland and showcasing a selection of spectacular landscape and wildlife images, plus books, 2020 calendars, Christmas cards, jigsaw puzzles and more. This will all be on display at Costco in North Lakes, QLD. You will have the opportunity […] ... Read More

Lee Jeffries: My portraits are documents of an emotional journey

“The emotion is in the eyes,” explains Lee Jeffries, whose empathetic portraits of homeless people touch every observer. In an interview with Hahnemühle, the humanist photographer explains why his large-format portraits on the new Photo Rag® Metallic are so haunting. “I use Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth, Photo Rag® Bright White and the new Photo Rag® Metallic. […] ... Read More

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