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Mounting a Print onto Wooden Panel – Professional Method (For pigment-based inkjet prints)

Wet-mounting makes it easy to create a flat, crisp finished work – your print will be mounted directly onto the wood panel. *Dye-based ink bleeds when wet, so is not suitable for this method. Print the image to fit the size of the panel (including the sides which it will be wrapped around). If you […] ... Read More

Aqueous metal prints VS Dye sublimation

As you know by now we recently introduced Allure Panels by Breathing Color, the direct-to-surface printing aluminum panels. Following their release, we have had questions about the quality, especially compared to dye sublimation. Resolution Printing direct-to-surface is inherently more resolute than dye sublimation. With direct printing, each printer dot is laid onto the media which […] ... Read More

Lee Jeffries: My portraits are documents of an emotional journey

“The emotion is in the eyes,” explains Lee Jeffries, whose empathetic portraits of homeless people touch every observer. In an interview with Hahnemühle, the humanist photographer explains why his large-format portraits on the new Photo Rag® Metallic are so haunting. “I use Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth, Photo Rag® Bright White and the new Photo Rag® Metallic. […] ... Read More

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