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How does color affect your psychology?

Print on Metal using your Aqueous Printer: Breathing Color “Allure” Release

Breathing Color has recently introduced a new product “Allure” which is a revolutionary new product that allows you to print directly to the metal using your existing Epson and Canon printer and OEM inks. If you haven’ made the big investment in dye sublimation equipment yet want to get into the metal printing market, Breathing […] ... Read More

How to Produce 100-Year Prints?

Quality print makers are always looking to achieve the optimal qualities that they should offer to their customers, real prints that show real color, and one of the most important things is to offer prints that will last. In order to achieve this durability, you should be serious about your art, and willing to go […] ... Read More

How to Avoid Canvas Sagging?

10 Tips to Enhance Your Print Durability

5 Tips for a Perfectly Coated Archival Print

DES and Breathing Color bring these 5 tips to get the perfect coated prints easily. Breathing Color offers two types of varnishes that come in different finishes: Timeless & Glamour 2. These 5 tips will help distinguish the differences between coatings and how to use each of these varnishes to get the perfect archival print. ... Read More

Which inkjet canvas to use for my business?

Marcus Bell: An Inspiring Interview

Breathing Color Allure Reviewed by Rick Rosenzweig

Rick Rosenzweig is a landscape photography enthusiast and print maker at Ashburn Photos professional photo printing service. He shares his metal printing experience using Breathing Color Allure new product, which helped him expand his product offering through new capability of printing directly onto metal using his standard printer. He started producing printing to showcase and […] ... Read More

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