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5 Reasons why your next monitor should be a ColorEdge

Although a hard pill to swallow, you must admit, not all monitors are created equal. Most are built with basic specs that rarely make a difference in your work. They compete on price because that’s all they have going for them. A select few, however, are built with pride, to elevate your experience. You deserve […] ... Read More

Achieving Colour Quality and Consistency with eXact Scan and Rutherford Closed-Loop Solution – Imprimerie Bailly – France

The Situation Based in the greater Paris area, local printing company Imprimerie Bailly was looking for a way to streamline its offset printing workflow. The aim was to improve print quality and consistency, as well as reduce makeready times and waste for a more efficient printing process.   “WE NOW HAVE AN ACCURATE AND RELIABLE […] ... Read More

5 Photography Tips for Beginners from Alexander Heinrichs

Originally published by EIZO. Alexander Heinrichs is a professional photographer based in Aschaffenburg, near Frankfurt in Germany. A visit to his big loft-studio takes one into a fascinating world of advertorial photography. You’ll see pieces ranging from still-life to people and fashion. He has been taking pictures for over 30 years and in 2005 he decided […] ... Read More

Hanging instructions for Neschen performance wallpaper

1. Wall surface and wall surface preparation According to the technical guidelines for wallpapering and pasting work the surface to be covered must be dry, sound, uniformly absorbent, clean and smooth. Remove old wallpaper and any unsound coatings completely. Close any holes or irregularities with plaster-based filler, and smooth the surface. In order to make […] ... Read More

Hengst Workwear retail showcase

You hear it more and more often: companies that start as a webshop and only later create a real shop. Like Hengst Workwear from Steenwijk. The company sells safety shoes and work clothing through their webshop. It is a success, but customers wanted to see and try their clothes and shoes in advance. That is […] ... Read More

Sustainable paper production – Neenah Coldenhove

Our friends at Neenah Coldenhove have shared their philosophy on sustainability and how the gradual conversion of their production to an eco-friendly workflow has had the additional benefit of cost savings.  Saving energy It was late 2015. Aware of the importance of reducing our ecological footprint, we organised brainstorming sessions in both our organisation and […] ... Read More

Readly pop-up event

It has become a true work of art, the Readly pop-up store in the city center of Amsterdam. From 30 November to 8 December, the store called ‘The Wonders of Readly’ offered the shoppers the opportunity to get acquainted offline with the services of Readly. The goal was to give visitors a ‘In Real Life […] ... Read More

New X-Rite eXact release!

The latest eXact release makes color measurement easier, smarter, and faster! What are the updates? Let us tell you: Simultaneous measurement of all M conditions. This means, that in one measure, you can obtain data for M0, M1 Part 2 – for substrates and brighteners -, M2, and M3. This capability saves you time and […] ... Read More

What do you choose? Outdoor Board vs Channel Plastic

Save money and the environment Why choose the second best materials for your signs and displays? If you want the best, choose the best. Choose Oppboga Outdoor for your outdoor signs and displays. Channel Plastic Not easy to recycle. Recycled plastic content is unclear. When cut, exposes unattractive fluted core. Higher thickness means greater transport […] ... Read More

How to pick a laminator

We often hear the same question: “If laminators are in fact just two rollers and a motor, why are some of them more expensive than others?” The answer is quite simple: They are just like cars. All of them have four wheels and a motor, but the price difference can be huge. Everybody recognizes the […] ... Read More

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