In Pursuit of the Perfect Pink

Austrian brand Manner is famous for two things: its crispy, cream-filled wafer confections, and the eye-catching pink packaging it’s used since its founding in 1890. Manner is a beloved brand that has attained an almost cult-like status even beyond its home city of Vienna. For children and adults alike, the instantly recognizable pink wrapper evokes sweet memories of Manner products, especially its popular hazelnut-flavoured Neapolitan wafers.


Although pink has been fundamentally associated with the Manner brand for over 125 years, the colour’s origin remains mysterious. Pink is a delicate colour that can be difficult to reproduce reliably throughout the supply chain, so Manner worked with the Pantone Color Institute to define its proprietary shade of pink and standardize this signature colour once and for all. Manner Rosa by Pantone is a custom colour created to communicate the brand’s fun-loving optimism and charming appeal across a range of customer touchpoints—not just packaging but also branded products and digital applications. Warm and friendly, this irresistible pink celebrates the sweet-tasting delight Manner confections promise with each bite. Anywhere in the world Manner’s products are sold, Manner Rosa by Pantone signals the consistency and purity of its traditional Austrian recipes.

Colour has always been critical to Manner’s products and brand identity. With the print colour standards and custom-mixed inks developed by the Pantone Color Institute, Manner Rosa by Pantone can be easily and consistently communicated between marketing, design, and production teams. Seen on branded merchandise and even a special Manner-themed tram that rumbles along Vienna’s Ringstrasse at Christmastime, Manner uses its familiar pink to reinforce its cherished legacy within Viennese history and culture.

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