Green signage a win for Hume candidate

Originally published by Print 21

Independent candidate for Hume, Huw Kingston, believes politicians should put their money where their mouths are, and to show he is serious about the environment he is doing away with the usual plastic corflute advertising signs, and using Oppboga recyclable waterproof cardboard – supplied by Starleaton – instead.

Kingston has spent two decades campaigning against single-use plastics and his conscience would not allow him to put his face up on a plastic board. He said, “The Oppbogas will last as long as the Federal election campaign, then they can go straight into the recycling bin.”

Every election hundreds of thousands of plastic ‘corflutes’ go up in suburbs, towns and along country roads throughout the nation. The product manager for Oppboga boards at Starleaton, John Buitenkamp, said he had tried to interest the major political parties in the product, “but so far none had taken it up.”

The boards are more expensive than the plastic corflute equivalents. The material is used extensively for signage in the UK and has been available in Australia for two years.

Kingston ordered 400 of the boards and hopes his example will be followed by other aspiring MPs in elections to come. He is campaigning on the slogan ‘There’s a climate for change’ and this is one change he would like to see, regardless of who wins the election.

Additionally, the Huw4Hume campaign team wear organic, sweatshop-free T-shirts and the vast majority of printing is done on FSC certified recycled paper.

“People now take environmental concerns very seriously, and so should our politicians,” said Kingston, who is running against the incumbent Liberal, Angus Taylor.

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