5 Reasons why your next monitor should be a ColorEdge

Although a hard pill to swallow, you must admit, not all monitors are created equal. Most are built with basic specs that rarely make a difference in your work. They compete on price because that’s all they have going for them. A select few, however, are built with pride, to elevate your experience.

You deserve the latter.

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Here are 5 reasons why your next photography monitor should be a ColorEdge:


While we are sticklers for the latest technology, our manufacturing process encompasses the best of both worlds by adding the element of human touch. Yes, every one of our monitors is assembled, measured and fine-tuned by hand, at a dedicated factory in Japan.

Our experts conduct human visual tests on each monitor for neutrality, uniformity, tonality, and most importantly – colour mixture accuracy. A pixel by pixel measurement is done at the factory through each greyscale level – 1 to 255, to make every pixel on the screen uniform in colour temperature and brightness.

And, you can rest assured, we don’t simply conduct random quality checks. Each EIZO monitor must pass a stringent test before being certified for sale.


2. ONLY THE BEST PANELS go into each monitor

We hand pick our LCD panels to ensure the greatest degree of uniformity possible with the most accurate RGB colour mixture properties. All panels are tweaked and tested at the factory. We make it perfectly uniform (on 255 levels), add black retardation film for video blacks, and calibrate to an ISO target so every single monitor is exactly the same. Although an extremely ardent process, precision and a non-compromising attitude for upholding quality standards dictate everything we do.

The result – your files are displayed as they truly are.

Wedding dresses and skies, deep shadows, and bright, bright reds – all displayed in their original digital glory. No colour shift, tonality break-up or detail loss: all of which are common in commercial, off-the-shelf monitors.



The secret behind every EIZO monitor, our patented ASIC chip (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), allows the monitor to display every nuance and subtle detail to display even the tiniest edit to your image file.

And it’s built in-house!

Most off-the-shelf monitors are equipped with an 8-bit colour palette or look-up table (LUT), and a small handful of others include a 14-bit LUT.

EIZO ColorEdge monitors are armed with a 3D 16-bit LUT, housed in our patented ASIC chip. Our ASIC chip architecture plays such an integral role that we’ve even installed it in our life-critical medical diagnostic monitors. Image detail and accuracy are at the core of every EIZO monitor.

4. Most specifications look alike on paper. The experience is what sets a ColorEdge monitor apart.

On the surface, monitor specifications can look alike. However, if you take a moment to go deeper, you’ll find yourself in a world of graphical precision you never knew existed.

We recommend you ask the following questions when buying a monitor:

– How big is the LUT (colour Look-up Table)
– Is the monitor direct hardware calibration capable?
– Can you precisely adjust the black point (1,1,1)? This is required for neutral shadow detail or matching your fine art prints.
– How neutral and uniform is the panel, from corner to corner?
– What’s included? A built-in sensor? Ambient light hood? Calibration software?

These features enable a clear view of your image data for video & screen-based output, and a neutral print-like view for those who are printing their images.

That’s why creative professionals such as Jackie Ranken tell us “there’s just something about it” when comparing a ColorEdge to other monitors on the market.

It comes as no surprise that many professionals in the creative space, including celebrated photographers, trust what they see on their EIZO monitor.

In the end, the only proof you’ll need to look behind the hyperbole is to take your seat in front of an EIZO CS or CG monitor and experience the difference yourself.

5. You don’t have to think of replacing your monitor for AT LEAST 5 YEARS

Yes, you read that right. EIZO offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty* on every monitor. This means, in the long run, you get better ‘bang for your buck’ as you’ll be using your ColorEdge monitor for a long time, producing outstanding work.

Now that we’ve shed light on the EIZO difference, why not visit your nearest EIZO reseller and try it for yourself?

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