Readly pop-up event

It has become a true work of art, the Readly pop-up store in the city center of Amsterdam. From 30 November to 8 December, the store called ‘The Wonders of Readly’ offered the shoppers the opportunity to get acquainted offline with the services of Readly. The goal was to give visitors a ‘In Real Life Experience’ of the digital platform under the heading of the theme ‘Digitalize Everything’. The store was an accessible mini museum, where at the same time there were many opportunities for visitors to capture and share their experiences via social media. Stickercompany from Eindhoven was commissioned by marketing communications agency Speak Easy to produce and assemble this unique project.

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3,500 magazines in one pop-up store
The goal of this store was to introduce the consumer to the Readly app, which offers unlimited access to more than 3,500 national and international magazines. The unique design of the pop-up store was created by the designer of Speak Easy. The different patterns and the striking use of color made a statement that made the store unmissable. Stickercompany was used for the production and assembly.

The material choice was quite simple for Stickercompany. Easy Dot has been used for the walls and ceilings. This foil is very easy and quick to apply to various surfaces by applying the dot glue. Thanks to the dot-shaped glue any air bubbles can escape easily and if you do not have a good glue you can also reposition the foil. In addition, the film could easily be removed without glue after the action had been completed.

These features made Easy Dot the ideal material for this assignment. Tinus Kouwenberg from Stickercompany told me that the speed and accuracy with which the material can be glued was the decisive factor. The adhesion on the latex walls was fine and despite the large surfaces it was possible to work relatively quickly. Also the MDF ceilings that had to be stuck on top of the wall were no longer a real challenge thanks to the Easy Dot foil.

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