What do you choose? Outdoor Board vs Channel Plastic

Save money and the environment
Why choose the second best materials for your signs and displays? If you want
the best, choose the best. Choose Oppboga Outdoor for your outdoor signs
and displays.


Channel Plastic

  • Not easy to recycle.
  • Recycled plastic content is unclear.
  • When cut, exposes unattractive fluted core.
  • Higher thickness means greater transport costs.
  • More fuel consumption due to thicker sheets.
  • Higher storage costs due to thicker sheets.
  • Only available in limited thicknesses.
  • Flute shadow gives cheap look and appearance.
  • Unsuitable for traditional offset printing.


Oppboga Outdoor

  • FSC certified, easy to recycle.
  • Outdoor 2.2 mm contains more than 50 % recycled content.
  • Superb and precise cutting results.
  • Reduce transport costs by up to 66 %.
  • Less transport means less fuel consumption.
  • Reduce storage costs by up to 66 %.
  • A bigger range of boards to choose from.
  • Far superior print results, no flute shadow.
  • Suitable for offset printing in 830 micron / 0.83 mm.

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