Colour management gets a boost at Starleaton!

We are please to welcome a new member to our team, Michael Cunha an application specialist focusing on colour and textiles.

Cunha arrives with lengthy experience in colour management for textiles as well as FOGRA-certified colour in print, having worked with UK-based fashion house Burberry for many years, followed by four years in Perth, before crossing the Nullarbor with his family to take up residence in Sydney.


“With textiles, there are so many variables, you need many checkpoints to ensure colour accuracy and there are no international standards, as there are in offset and digital printing to paper,” he says. “We found measuring instruments can vary and processes can drift, requiring re-calibration every few hours. X-Rite has worked very hard on inter-instrument agreement for measuring accuracy and creating ICC profiles.”

Cunha’s main function is to assist the applications team to ensure that Starleaton customers get optimum use from their X-Rite spectrophotometers, densitometers and software. “We are expanding technical expert services,” he says, “in pushing the concept of fully colour-managed workflows, we can work with any Rip or workflow and teach customers how to work smarter, not necessarily harder, to achieve the right colour every time. It’s all about implementing the processes and controls and keeping them within specification.”

Starleaton already provides ICC profiling services to its consumable customers, “Our team has now expanded further,” says Cunha. “We are here to support internal sales, information sharing and continual improvement of Starleaton’s colour management services. For example, in the photo and fine art world, customers work with RGB workflow and expanded gamuts – this requires completely different colour management to, say, ISO 12647 offset colour.”

“The industry is in change,” says Cunha, “we are in the era of global standards and practices. Some sectors are slow to change – ‘old school’ but the millennial generation will soon overtake them. Colour management is no exception, you have to swim upstream because the water is going down – and don’t stop swimming.”

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