Mounting a Print onto Wooden Panel – Professional Method (For pigment-based inkjet prints)

Wet-mounting makes it easy to create a flat, crisp finished work – your print will be mounted directly onto the wood panel. *Dye-based ink bleeds when wet, so is not suitable for this method.

Print the image to fit the size of the panel (including the sides which it will be wrapped around). If you do not want the image to appear on the panels 4 sides, add borders to your print accordingly.

Recommended Awagami A.I.J.P papers: Kozo-Thick, ‘Kozo Double-Layered’ and ‘Mitsumata Double-Layered’

1) Wipe clean the panel a few times with damp cloth until all dirt and dust are removed.

Awagami paper mounting

2) Moisten the back of your inkjet print with a wet brush. Make sure the entire paper is damp. Allow water to soak in for five minutes.

Awagami paper mounting on panel

3) Place the wood panel in the middle of the print. Estimate the amount necessary to affix the paper to the panel, and trim.

4) Use a stapler to affix the print to the back of wood panel.

4) Use a stapler to affix the print to the back of wood panel.


5) Fold the corners carefully (they can be held in place with glue).


6) Now you are finished – Hang your work and enjoy!!!


View the entire Awagami range for further inspiration.


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