Whiteboard laminate: indispensable in your hobby or work space

Whiteboards have replaced the old-fashioned blackboard as a regular part of classrooms, workshop rooms, offices and meeting rooms. The whiteboard’s unique selling point, of course, is that you can wipe it down and reuse it. This is not only useful in the classroom, but it is also for many other things. Think of a map where you want to highlight a route and wipe again. Impossible with a simple pen on paper, but possible thanks to whiteboard laminate.

Inspiration on how to use it…

The traditional whiteboard


The traditional whiteboard goes on the wall, the surface is smooth and shiny and you can write with special markers. The idea behind whiteboard laminate is the same. It’s a shiny, transparent film where you can write on with whiteboard markers and your text is erasable again. But what makes this material special is that you can put it on print media. And that gives you all kinds of functionality and creative possibilities. I mention some examples to bring you ideas.

Maps and maps

Whiteboard laminaat landkaart

You are on the go abroad, out of reach of any Internet signal, and your TomTom does not reach any satellite anymore to determine your position. Then you have to fall back on that old-fashioned map. But where are you right now? By providing country maps with whiteboard laminate, you easily read your route and clear it once you’ve reached your destination.

Planners, and to do lists

Whiteboard laminaat bureau.png

The schedule of your day, week or month changes a lot. Of course you make use of an online agenda, but in addition, you can keep it on paper. For example, that of your family. Now change your appointments on a regular basis and do not scratch your calendar. Provide your planner of whiteboard laminate and you’ll be able to customise your schedule without worrying about it. You can print any design on paper, adhesive vinyl or sheet material and laminate it with whiteboard laminate. Consequently, consider laminating your planner to laminated desk underlayers, work schedules, billboards and to do lists.

Wall panels and creative signs

Whiteboard laminaat keuken.png

In addition to functional functionality, you can also use whiteboard laminate as a creative tool. Because next to writing, you can also draw on it here. Let children at school or nursery express their creativity on a laminated wallboard or drawing board. Or decorate, for example, the children’s department of the hospital with drawings, stories and other happy creations.

An environmentally friendly choice

By changing your teams, calendars and wallboards and other print media to whiteboard laminate, you do not only give yourself more options, but also make an environmentally friendly choice. This laminate is PVC free. You can write with Edding 250 and Pilot whiteboard markers and that ink is easily erasable even after drying. Remaining residual ink residues that are no longer available with the regular brush can be wiped with denatured alcohol. This laminate has a strong adhesive force and is suitable for laminating UV-printed media. The material is especially suitable for indoor use, but can also be used for a shorter period of time.

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