(Not quite) Plastic-free July

It may be plastic free July, but unless you’re able to use paper alternatives, we’re a long way off being completely rid of plastic from our production flows. So what environmentally sensitive solutions are available for printing businesses looking towards sustainable solutions?

Polypropylene, aka PP, compared to other plastic productions, consumes the least amount of energy and therefore the lowest carbon dioxide emissions. Its lower density also means that switching to PP reduces the absolute amount of waste.

Look for PP in the title:
ConVerd Wallpaper
Neschen Laminates, Wallpaper, and Vinyl graphics
HELIXx Display media & poster paper

Polypropylene parts can be 100% recycled into a plastic-free range of applications such as pallets, furniture, plumbing parts, automotive applications, and more before incineration is necessary.

If it comes to that, it is even possible to recover more energy from PP during incineration than from any other comparable plastic. It also flows more easily as it degrades, without cross-linking, gel forming or off-gassing.

Brands like Starbucks and McDonald’s have made the call to switch some of the cups to polypropylene over polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and by using less plastic they are lowering their carbon emissions.


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