Self-Adhesive Textile: The interior designers and marketers dream.

Imagine you have an assignment to give a store front a new look, for example on a short-term campaign. In that case, it would be useful if the materials you use are not permanently adhesive so you can easily remove them when the campaign is over. Self-adhesive textile is a material/product you can easily remove, but also has more qualities/ features.

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What is Self- adhesive textile?

Self-adhesive textile is a non-permanent adhesive film made of woven polyester. It is applicable to all kinds of surfaces, easy to remove and ideal for temporary use. In addition, it gives a more luxurious look compared to other types of wall coverings such as the PVC variant. Because this film contains no PVC, it is also an eco-friendly choice. Below you can find more information about the various applications and advantages of the self-adhesive textile.

Adhesive textiles can be used in various situations, but specifically, interior designers and marketers can benefit from this product. The material is the ideal wallcovering to use, for example in homes, office buildings, shops, museums and restaurants. In addition, marketers use the film when advertising posters or point-of-sale presentations.

The four main advantages to using self-adhesive textiles are set out below.

1. Self-adhesive textile is ideal for temporary use.

Because this type of material doesn’t contain a permanent adhesive layer, it is easy to remove from the surface. This will save you not only time when an interior needs a new make-over but also gives you the chance to reposition the material. For example, when a poster is not in the right position or wall, it can easily be reapplied on another wall.

2. Self-adhesive textile blocks light.

Not every film blocks light and it might seem unnecessary, but this could be a very important feature. For example, if you use the material on contrasting or dark surfaces, you don’t want the colour of the background to affect your design.

3. Self-adhesive textile has a luxurious look.

When you spend a lot of time creating your unique design, once printed, you want the design to have the same look as you intended and send out the right message.

Self-adhesive textile has a photo-realistic print quality and luxurious look. The result just looks better compared to a print on PVC.

4. Self-adhesive textile improves the acoustics.

The most special feature of this material is the effect it has on the noise level in a room. Some areas, such as large halls and corridors, will bounce off sound in such a way that it becomes a nuisance. Also in other cases, for example, in a workplace or restaurant, the sound can prevent people from working quietly or understanding each other. Self-adhesive textile has a damping effect and therefore improves the acoustics in a room.

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