Sustainability in the print industry?

It’s no surprise that the volume of media that printing industry produces takes its toll on the environment. But, through more efficient workflows, and being based on a renewable resource, the print industry has the potential to be highly sustainable.

A rapidly changing industry has forced printers to streamline their process, minimise waste and improve the efficiency of their product. And a more considerate environmental awareness is encouraging environmentally smart media buyers to refocus on print.

Now manufacturers who were previously diverting into cheaper plastic options are exploring the opportunities of recyclable and sustainable alternatives.


An example of innovation in the sustainable media space is the Oppboga Outdoor board, a paper alternative to plastic boards. Infused, rather than coated, with water-resistance. This makes it resistant to water with no plastic content, biodegradable and a real alternative to foam PVC, foam board, and polypropylene flute for outdoor use up to approximately 12 weeks. It is also produced in an FSC certified factory and is 100% recyclable.

Helping the print industry slowly win the war against plastic.

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