Can printers help power the future?

Starleaton is proud to be supporting the innovative work of  Professor Paul Dastoor and his team at the University of Newcastle’s (UON) as they recently unveiled the first public printed solar demonstration.



The material is made by printing an advanced electronic ink onto thin, clear laminated sheets using conventional printing presses.

“No other renewable energy solution can be manufactured as quickly. On our lab-scale printer we can easily produce hundreds of metres of material per day, on a commercial-scale printer this would increase to kilometres. If you had just ten of these printers operating around the clock we could print enough material to deliver power to 1000 homes per day,” said Professor Dastoor.

The technique promises to deliver a new revenue stream for the printing industry – the second largest manufacturing industry in Australia. And at less than $10 a square metre to produce it delivers a very affordable production cost.

“The technology is low-cost and very portable making it ideal for applications in Majority World countries where an estimated 1.2 billion people still have no access to electricity.”

“Because it is light and can be printed quickly it is also ideal for disaster relief and recovery applications supporting displaced people and powering temporary emergency bases. The material can be safely airdropped and very easily installed.”

Learn more about the Centre of Organic Electronics on their website.


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