Pantone Inroduces Pantone STUDIO: A New Era of Inspiration

As Pantone became the definitive way of color communication, it had to follow its core consumers’ behaviour which is becoming increasingly digital, which brought Pantone STUDIO to life. A new iOS app that gets Pantone into its next ambition: software developing.  The app was created with the influence of renowned 2000 designers to offer the best enhanced user experience.

This is not Pantone’s first app, in 2009 MyPantone app was launched, but this new product is Pantone’s hope to become every designer’s tool and maybe they wouldn’t have to pick up one of its famous chip books.


“In our [market] research, we saw that designers are using mobile tools and they want their phone to be a platform for design and a hub for gathering inspiration,” says Ron Potesky, senior vice president of Pantone. “If we’re not mobile, we’re not Pantone in 10 years. It’s a must for us to be important and valuable to designers.”

With this newly introduced app, Pantone aims to put everything it’s known for in the consumer’s pocket, including the color guides with the thousands of hues, research, articles and trend reports from the experts at the Pantone Color Institute.



One of the most valuable features in the Pantone Studio iOS app is the color picker, which is a great tool that turns your photo into an eyedropper tool that dissects images and tells you their color composition.


Once the palette is ready, you can then compare colours across a variety of textures and scenarios. This app also features Pantone’s first forecasting service that is offered digitally: the color trend forecasting feature.


In a nutshell, Pantone Studio iOS application will transform the user’s inspiration in a connected studio workspace, all in the very special language of Pantone, exploring thousands of colors across 15 Pantone guides. Designers and users will discover color harmonies, values and cross references, including RGB, CMYK, HEX and Extended Gamut references. You can also mix and test palettes in your new color studio, visualizing colors on graphics, interiors and 3D materials before you design. All this can be shared with your workflow and on social through seamless connectivity to Creative Cloud, Instagram & more.

Download the app now on App Store & subscribe to start your 7-day free trial, gaining access to all of the Pantone color libraries, color values and palette sharing features.


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