Want a FREE X-Rite ColorCheker?

X-Rite is celebrating the 40th anniversary of X-Rite ColorChecker targets with a new social competition that gives you a chance to win 1 out of 40 ColorChecker targets.

To be eligible to join the draw, you need to identify and submit the name of the landmark in the different pictures provided on this page. Every 3 days, a new famous landmark will be uploaded, partially covered by an X-Rite ColorChecker target. From easy to hard ones, you just need to focus and submit your answer to be one of the 40 lucky winners.

A winner will be randomly selected after each round from the list of correct answers. If you’re a winner, you get to choose one prize from the following list:

  • ColorChecker Passport Photo
  • ColorChecker Passport Video
  • ColorChecker Classic
  • ColorChecker Video


Ready to join the competition? Click here now to play Where’s That ColorChecker for a chance to win your very own ColorChecker from X-Rite.

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