The World’s Ugliest Color is on a Mission!

Is there a color that turns you off or just seem less appealing than others? Well, apparently there is one color that we all have in common. It has been titled the ugliest color, describes as “dirty”, “death” and “tar”, and so some governments thought they could use this face in a great way.

What’s this color? Meet Pantone 448 C!

This is Pantone 448 C, it’s called “opaque couché”, which was selected through a research conducted by a group of academics and commercial market researchers for over 3 months. An agency was hired by the Australian government to find a color that turn people off, to an extent that if it was placed on cigarettes pack, they would quit.

Pantone 488C

The report confirmed that studies involving more than 1000 regular smokers, aged 16 to 64 indicated that ‘‘drab dark brown’’ packages had the lowest overall appeal and looked like they would contain the lowest quality cigarettes, which would cause the most harm.


Ugly never looked so good!

This “ugly” color is now used for all tobacco packaging along with the usual visuals for health warnings. Other governments including the United Kingdom, Ireland and France are now adopting the ugliest color as well for the tobacco packaging.

The federal government initially referred to the ugly color as ‘‘olive green’’. That was until the Australian Olive Association wrote to Health Minister, urging her to stop using the term because it was denigrating the olive brand.


(Photo credit: THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Other colours considered for the title were lime green, white, beige, dark grey and mustard; but none came close to Pantone 448C, being the least appealing to customers.


For 2016, Pantone chose two colors for the first time to share the title “Color of the Year”, which have been across fashion, makeup and interior design.

In the meantime, don’t expect to find Pantone 448C on a catwalk any time soon.

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