Transform Your Wall Into a Chalkboard with MACtac

wallCHALKER is a true black slightly textuxred UV printable vinyl inkjet media by MACtac, that easily transforms walls, tables and other surfaces into a chalkboard. Virtually any flat surface is a canvas for wallCHALKER. It contains an aggressive removable adhesive that is strong enough to support large size applications yet remove cleanly, making it ideal for residential and commercial use.Mactac wallCHALKER

“At MACtac, we’re always looking for new ways to advance the possibilities of vinyl graphics,” said Cathy Kimpton, marketing manager, MACtac Distributor Products. “ The new wallCHALKER chalkboard vinyl is a mess-free alternative to chalkboard paint and is easy to clean using a damp cloth or eraser. When you’re ready to repaint or install a new graphic, wallCHALKER can simply be removed from the surface with no need for sanding, priming or repainting.”

wallCHALKER can last up to five years outdoor, making it a very durable and adaptable option at a fraction of the cost of chalkboard paint.


Both traditional chalk and contemporary liquid chalk can be used to write on MACtac’s wallCHALKER and the vinyl can be cut with a plotter or used in rolls and applied directly.

Mactac wallCHALKERMactac’s wallCHALKER is available by meter in sizes of 615mm and 1230mm, application is possible at temperatures down to 0°C.

How to install wallCHALKER?

Prime your wallCHALKER prior to use: simply cover the writing area with 100% regular chalk, let sit a few minutes and then erase. You are now ready for an easy to write on and easy to erase surface for a very long time!

How to erase wallCHALKER?

If using regular chalk, use an eraser even a MACtac felt squeegee will do. d. If using liquid chalk simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or spray with water, let sit for 30 seconds and then wipe clean using a damp cloth.

Note: Do not use strong indoor wall cleaners or anything containing mild to strong solvents, ammonia or abrasive.


This amazing product elevates the humble chalkboard into a dynamic new media; make a chalkboard the size of a wall in a fraction of the time it takes with messy paint.

Where to use?


You can use this WOW vinyl on walls, menu boards at a restaurant (or even at home for some fun!), tables, kitchen, meeting rooms, kids’ playrooms and more!


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