EFI H1625SD: A New Era of Direct Print Thermoforming

DES is happy to announce the availability of the new EFI H1625-SD for inkjet printing and proofing. With EFI’s latest H1625-SD, you can produce thermoforming applications quickly and efficiently with EFI SuperDraw UV Inks.


Your business has a very good opportunity since this segment of the market is relatively new to digital printing. We estimate that there are more than 200 prospective commercial grade opportunities evaluating the digital opportunity.


Expand your margin opportunity and forget the delays, because you will be able to print directly onto formable substrates in a shorter time. This wide format print is easy to use, providing many digital efficiencies and near-photographic image quality.


With the EFI H1625-SD, you will print directly onto a wide range of thermo formable plastics, eliminating the cost and time needed for screen or hand painting processes, or pre-printing and laminating to formable plastics. It will also allow you to take on higher-volume corrugated plastic sign jobs or deliver fast turnarounds on custom thermoforming applications with production-level printing.

EFI H1625-SD is built off the award-winning EFI H1625 LED (one of SGIA’s 2015 products of the year) platform, combined with award-winning SuperDraw inks (SGIA 2013 digital ink of the year).


You will get exceptional results, as the EFI H1625-SD delivers near-photographic image quality with four colors plus white standard and eight-level variable drop grayscale printing capability, the only wide format printer in its class with two dedicated channels of white and multi-layer printing capability for superior post-draw opacity for backlit applications


The new SuperDraw UV Inks

EFI’s super inks will deliver graphics that are ideal for high- elongation thermoforming applications, such as outdoor signage, POP signs and displays, day/night backlit signs, promotional products, beverage lights and signs, vending and gaming panels, and much more.

With its super elongation characteristics, excellent adhesion and consistent post-draw opacity for thermoforming applications on various plastics, including PETG, acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PVC and more, get ready to stretch your imagination, capabilities and your bottom line.

EFI’s H1625-SD cuts production and waste up to 50% of traditional manufacturing methods, it delivers Super release performance from smooth and porous mold materials, including plywood, MDF, and resins used for in drape-formed backlit signage applications

The prints are also super resistant to heat forming and stringent finishing, such as die-cutting/routing and sawing with no chipping cracking or loss of adhesion.

Finally, the printer offers super compatibility for printing on all brands of corrugated polypropylene with uncompromising adhesion and flexibility


If you would like to learn more about EFI’s new H1625-SD, get in touch with DES wide format printing experts today. Call 1300 728 411 NOW.

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