Colortrac Large Format Scanners: An Award Well-Deserved

Colortrac has been recognized by the Speciality Graphic Imaging Association’s prestigious Product of the Year Competition with the Scanning Product of the Year award for the SmartLF SG for 2015.

ColorTrac SmartLF SG Product Of The Year 2015 Large Format Scanners

The 2015 Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Expo brought together leaders of the specialty imaging industry this year in Atlanta, where the prestigious award was announced.

“We have always believed that the SmartLF SG was the best wide format scanner on the market and we are delighted that the SGIA agrees with us,” said Siobhan Scott, Product Marketing Manager. “With superior graphics, crystal clear lines and the fastest thick media adjustment on the market, we are very proud of this product.”

There has been a total of 141 entries were submitted for this exclusive competition which was conducted during the 2015 SGIA Expo in Atlanta; late 2015.

“We are really thrilled with the participation from exhibiting companies, and we even doubled the product categories to correctly acknowledge all of the possible technical accomplishments honored in this competition,” said Ray Weiss, SGIA’s Digital Specialist. “The award winners have been extremely enthusiastic about their wins, understanding just how competitive the field was this year.”


Colortrac Ltd was recognized by the respected Wide Format & Signage Magazine with two separate nominations for their 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards.

ColorTrac 2016 Top Products Nominee Wide-Format & Signage

Colortrac’s best seller, SmartLF SC, is nominated in its MFP form in the Output Devices: MFP (24-95 inches) category.

Additionally, Colortrac’s top of the range scanner, SmartLF SG, is nominated in the Prepress: Wide-Format Scanner (24 inches +) category.

“Colortrac’s focus has always been on innovation which supports precise, accurate output while making scanners more accessible,” says Declan Tyler, Product Manager. “We have led with a number of industry firsts, such as thick media handling and LED lighting in SmartLF SG, plus superfast USB3 connectivity and the patented full-width SingleSensor in the SmartLF SC. We truly believe our innovations result in scanners that produce better output and are easier to use, and we hope that Wide Format and Signage’s readers will agree with us.”

Who is the Colortrac SmartLF SG for?


For the highest quality scans of all your documents using professional CCD cameras, Colortrac SmartLF SG Series Experience an all new scanner with the same charge-coupled device (CCD) sensor technology used in professional quality cameras. Choose the highest quality scans for all your document types, and get it right the first time. Produce superior quality images and copies of documents up to 36 or even 44 inch wide. Scan all types of paper and mounted documents. Super-easy adjustment for different media thicknesses up to 15 mm.

ColorTrac SmartLF SG Wide Format Scanner


• Hi-Fidelity colour reproduction for scanning and reprographics service professionals

• High Speed Technical Imaging within AEC, CAD, Mapping and GIS

• Electronic Document Capture (TWAIN)

There are three SmartLF SG high definition large format scanner models in each size (36in or 44in) with performance levels and features optimised for different applications. If requirements change, the m (monochrome/greyscale) and c (colour) models can be easily remotely upgraded to a higher level using a simple emailed scanner upgrade tool. The e (enhanced) upgrade offers the highest colour scan speed. Monochrome/greyscale scan speeds are identical across all upgrades.

If you need to talk to an expert regarding your large format workflow, call DES now on 1300 728 411.

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