My Prints Don’t Match My Monitor. Rings any Bells?

Color management is an extremely complex science, involving the process of controlling colour reproduction as it moves from the input to output ends, through a 2-step process: calibration and profiling; to allow all these devices to speak the same language so you can get accurate and predictable results.


Calibration VS Profiling

Calibration is using hardware adjustments on a device to set the device into a benchmarked, reproducible state; for example, adjusting the brightness control on your monitor to a specific point.

Profiling is the process of measuring a device’s colour output, and changing the signal going into that device to achieve a more accurate colour reproduction; for example, if we want to achieve a certain blue shade (BLUE 100 for example), by measuring the output, we might find BLUE 110, so we would understand that the output should be changed to 90, and adjust accordingly if the right shade is achieved.


With the increasing knowledge and market needs, technology has evolved to make it easier for artists, photographers and other fields that need accurate color reproduction in digital imaging, especially when it comes to wide format printing, because this is where it will be more obvious. Achieving the perfect results needs the tools but also needs the color management knowledge needed and in-depth science-based experience.

At DES, we have got the latest color management solutions and the largest and most experienced colour management team in the country. Our team supports the largest publishers, printers and packaging manufacturers around the country. We listen to your business needs and set a strategy to help you with your image requirements. Our extensive industry and product knowledge comes into play in creating solutions that streamline your workflow and create new revenue for your business. We’ll make sure you get the best for your color management and wide format imagery needs.


We can help you achieve high quality results time after time, with all our services and products. We can help you bring this same level of accuracy to your own workflow through our very competitive services and prices.

In a perfect world, you get the same color prints as seen on your monitor, this doesn’t happen spontaneously, but our color management experts can get you the perfect world.

Talk to one of our color management professionals about your business needs and get to know how we can help you reproduce flawless colors.

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