Wide Format Printing, Redefined.

We all want to make beautiful, outstanding, high quality images when it comes to wide format imagery. Whether you’re planning for your coming exhibition and want the perfect signage and display, a photographer or an artist who wants to get the best out of his prints, a graphic designer or a publisher, or maybe you’re just looking to grow your own business at the best prices.  Architects, engineers, computer-aided designers, large format printing is for you too.

When it comes to wide format printing, you need a company that looks after you and your business, a company that brings you today’s digital technology and supplies all your wide format print needs.

DES is your one-stop shop for all your wide format needs, we stock a wide range of large format printers by the leading brands in the industry, including Epson, Canon, HP, Roland, Seiko and others. We provide you with the technical information to let you decide the unique benefit for yourself and your business, ensuring that we provide nothing less than exceptional cost effective quality. DES is a national business with warehouses in each capital city for prompt delivery, 90% of orders are delivered the same day or the following morning.

Wide format printers up to 104-inch size with unlimited length, along with all the other solutions you might need, with the ability to print on a wide variety of materials which are great for both indoor and outdoor use at an affordable price.

DES has got you covered with all your wide format imagery needs, if you’re looking to print big sizes for event displays, exhibitions, promotions, art reproductions or more, talk to one of our representatives and we will do our best to let you choose the right one for you.

Our colour management team is the largest and most experienced in Australia. Achieving exact colour reproduction is not an art, it’s a science and we can help. Our team supports the largest publishers, printers and packaging manufacturers around the country. We have the skills to meet the most demanding challenges.

We also provide our customers with a comprehensive range of colour management and measurement tools, complete with service and support for the photography, pre-press, design, colour and beauty industries. We have an extensive range of viewing booths, software, monitors, training and QC solutions.


Here are some tips to get the most from your wide format printing:


Print whatever you need at the best quality, take advantage of the digital technology, stand out and spend even less, as the same printed digital images can be reproduced in different sizes to suit many different purposes.



Yes, the bigger, the better! This is the rule when it comes to signage and advertising; reach out to more people with the perfect high quality designs and prints.



If you’re not printing in-house, make sure you provide font files to the printing facility, to avoid any surprises.



If you want to go big with printing, you also need to make sure you use the correct wide format scanner, but don’t go too big to avoid having large file sizes.



Choose the ink that suits the job. For example, use UV stable ink if your prints will be exposed to sunlight or high humidity so that the large prints stay longer.



Protect the prints with the right coating to minimize the effects of UV light, air borne contaminants, dirt and grime.


Need professional help?

Get in touch with us on 1300 728 411 or e-mail us at customerservice@des-pl.com.au

Why DES?

  • We are a full service organisation – we have a very strong engineering team located around the country that can help you to print. When we sell equipment we install, train and we provide ongoing support.
  • This also means that we understand the technology and can provide expert advice on the most suitable product for the customer. And we will make it work.
  • We are the only wide format inkjet media manufacturer in Australia. We source product directly from mills around the world and we convert it in Australia. We eliminate the middlemen. This means we can deliver high quality product to the user at a competitive price.

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