Celebrate Hahnemühle’s ‘Brand of the Century’ Award with Special Discounts from DES

We are delighted to celebrate Hahnemühle has been granted the prestigious award ‘Brand of the Century’ by the ‘Markenpreis der Deutschen Standards’ (Brand Award of the German Standards).


This award confirms that Hahnemühle has set an exceptional standard with the quality of the papers it provides of paper, for both traditional and digital markets for different specialties. Hahnemühle also manufactures protective coatings for various prints. A top class advisory board of leader brand experts selected Hahnemühle as ‘Brand of the Century’ in the product category ‘Feinstpapier’ (finest paper).

DES is happy to celebrate this occasion and offer the TIPA (Technical Image Presse Association) award winner Hahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta 310 and the Hahnemühle Photo Pearl 310 papers for a very special price. Photographers and artists looking for a real look, feel and tonal depth, enjoy 35% off these Hahnemühle papers when you buy from DES.

Here’s a spot on the Photo Silk Baryta 310 and Photo Pearl 310 by Hahnemühle:

Photo Silk Baryta 310 is a white, silk gloss baryta paper that gives the impression of a traditional silver halide photo paper, coated with a unique barium sulphate coating that ensures perfect image result with a very large color space, creamy shades of white and velvety deep black.

An excellent sharpness of detail and high resolution is guaranteed with the high color density offered by the Photo Silk Baryta 310 which is formed of 100% alpha cellulose paper that is acid-free and meets the criteria for durability according to ISO 9706.

Buy Photo Silk Baryta 310 by Hahnemuehle now for a special price from DES.SILK

As for the Photo Pearl 310, it is a finely structured PE paper with a pearlescent surface, that has a high-quality ink absorbing layer for a perfect image quality with detailed sharpness, maximum black values and a very broad colour space. It also has a quick-drying, water-resistant surface that has a high degree of resistance to scratches and fingerprints.


Buy Photo Pearl 310 by Hahnemuehle now for a special price from DES.

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