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How to Avoid Canvas Sagging?

Epson T5200D Special Prices: Fast & Flexible CAD & POS Printing

Hahnemuhle Varnish: Step by Step Guide

ColorPainter to Impress Large Format Market at Drupa 2016

Adams Print: 2016 NPA’s Top Honour & Gold Medals Winner

If you regularly tell your clients that your print results are among the very best in the country, getting this proven to your clientele will definitely make a difference. Adams Print has been proving its success every year, and this year Victorian printer won the top honors and the most gold medals at 2016 National Print […] ... Read More

10 Tips to Enhance Your Print Durability

EFI H1625SD: A New Era of Direct Print Thermoforming

DES is happy to announce the availability of the new EFI H1625-SD for inkjet printing and proofing. With EFI’s latest H1625-SD, you can produce thermoforming applications quickly and efficiently with EFI SuperDraw UV Inks. Your business has a very good opportunity since this segment of the market is relatively new to digital printing. We estimate […] ... Read More

5 Tips for a Perfectly Coated Archival Print

DES and Breathing Color bring these 5 tips to get the perfect coated prints easily. Breathing Color offers two types of varnishes that come in different finishes: Timeless & Glamour 2. These 5 tips will help distinguish the differences between coatings and how to use each of these varnishes to get the perfect archival print. ... Read More

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